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Video: Jonathan Saenz Discusses Pastor Protection Law and Supreme Court Decision

June 29, 2015
As the legislative advocacy arm of Texas Values, Texas Values Action was the architect and main organization that led the successful effort to see Texas’ Pastor...

Texas Governor Signs Pastor Protection Bill Into Law

Austin, TX, June 11, 2015 – Today, pastors from across the state watched Governor Greg Abbott sign the Pastor Protection Bill, SB 2065, into state law,...

Video: Religious Freedom, Pro-Life Legislative Session Update

June 4, 2015
Topic: Legislature , Videos
Texas Values Action President Jonathan Saenz recently spoke with PIJN News about Texas’ 84th Legislative Session, including the successful efforts to pass the Pastor Protection Bill.

Session Recap: Progress on Religious Freedom, Life but Missed Opportunities

Yesterday marked the end of Texas’ 84th Legislative Session at the state capitol. The session saw important progress made on religious freedom and life, an important...