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UPDATE: Victory! Houston Voters Defeat Proposition 1 Bathroom Ordinance

Houston voters emphatically said “no” to a radical, expansive power grab that threatened the safety and liberty of Houston residents on November 3rd. In the historic vote, the bathroom ordinance that would have allowed men to use women’s bathrooms and targeted religious freedom was voted down 61%-39%.

Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values Action released the following the victory:

“This is a national game-changer. Today’s vote is a massive victory for common sense, safety, and religious freedom, not just in Houston, but for all of Texas. The eyes of the nation were on Houston, and the people sent a clear message and soundly rejected this intentionally deceptive and dangerous ordinance. Millions of dollars pouring in from national LGBT extremists, an out-of-control Mayor, and a sustained media onslaught could not overcome the tireless efforts of Houston pastors and people of faith standing for common sense, safety, and liberty.  I was born and raised in Houston, and I had faith Houstonians would do the right thing, and they did. This vote will impact the nation and shows, once again, that the people still support common sense Texas values.”

Read our full press release here.

Protect Freedom and Preserve Safety — Vote “NO” on Houston Proposition 1

On Tuesday, November 3rd, Houston voters will finally have a chance to vote for or against the controversial LGBT “Equal Rights” Bathroom Ordinance (or HERO), known as Proposition 1 on the ballot. The election is already drawing national attention as it will have a tremendous impact on future religious freedom battles across the country. All eyes will be on Houston.

The vote comes after a more than yearlong campaign by Houston Mayor Annise Parker to illegally disenfranchise voters and intimidate opponents, including efforts to silence Houston pastors by attempting to subpoena their sermons and private church communications. A unanimous Texas Supreme Court ruled against the Mayor in July, ordering the Council to stop enforcement of the ordinance and “comply with its duties” to allow Houstonians to vote on the issue.

Here a 5 key reasons that all Houston voters should vote “NO” on Proposition 1:

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Volunteer Information

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Election Information

Election Date: Tuesday, November 3rd

Early Voting: Monday, October 19th – Friday, October 30th

Voter Registration Deadline: Monday, October 5th

For more information, visit the Harris County voter election site at


Local Organizations Opposing Prop 1

Campaign for Houston

Campaign for Houston Bathroom

No On Prop 1

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Below please find videos by local Houston leaders and pastors opposing Proposition 1. Please share these videos with your Houston friends and family.

Baseball Legend Lance Berkman (produced by Campaign for Houston)

Dr. Ed Young

Pastor Steve Riggle (produced by No On Houston Prop 1)

Pastor Hernan Castno (produced by No On Houston Prop 1)

Pastor Khanh Huynh (produced by No On Houston Prop 1)

Pastor Magda Hermida (produced by No On Houston Prop 1)

Pastor Willie Davis (produced by No On Houston Prop 1)


Additional Links

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