Texas Values Action will make endorsements in the 2021 local election cycle. We will only endorse candidates who share in our mission to ensure Texas is a state in which religious liberty flourishes, families prosper, and every human life is valued. Candidates must be able to demonstrate a firm commitment to protecting religious liberty, marriage and family, and innocent human life.


Candidates must complete a questionnaire to be considered for an endorsement. We will not necessarily endorse a candidate in every race and our endorsement of a candidate in a race does not represent a criticism of any other candidate in the same race. Please download our updated endorsement questionnaires below.

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May 24th Texas Primary Runoff Election

Early Voting May 16-20, Election Day is Tuesday, May 24th

Statewide Offices

Land Commissioner: Dr. Dawn Buckingham

Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian


State Senate

District 24: Pete Flores


State House

District 19: Ellen Troxclair

District 23: Terri Leo-Wilson

District 52: Caroline Harris

District 61: Paul Chabot

District 73: Carrie Isaac

District 91: Stephanie Klick

District 93: Nate Schatzline

District 122: Mark Dorazio


Local Offices

Tarrant County District Attorney: Matt Krause


March 1st Texas Primary Election

Early Voting February 14-25, Election Day is Tuesday, March 1st

Statewide Offices

Lt. Governor: Dan Patrick

Comptroller of Public Accounts: Glenn Hegar 

Land Commissioner: Dr. Dawn Buckingham

Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian

Texas Supreme Court, Place 9: Evan Young

State Board of Education, District 7: Julie Pickren

State Board of Education, District 10: Tom Maynard


U.S. Representative

District 4: Pat Fallon

District 8: Christian Collins

District 13: Ronny Jackson

District 14: Randy Weber

District 17: Paulette Carson

District 21: Chip Roy

District 24: Beth Van Duyne

District 25: Roger Williams

District 27: Michael Cloud

District 31: John Carter

District 36: Brian Babin

District 38: Mark Ramsey


State Senate

District 1: Bryan Hughes

District 2: Bob Hall

District 4: Brandon Creighton

District 7: Paul Bettencourt

District 8: Angela Paxton

District 9: Kelly Hancock

District 10: Phil King

District 11: Mayes Middleton

District 12: Tan Parker

District 18: Lois Kolkhorst

District 22: Brian Birdwell

District 24: Pete Flores

District 25: Donna Campbell

District 28: Charles Perry

District 30: Drew Springer

District 31: Kevin Sparks


State House

District 2: Bryan Slaton

District 3: Cecil Bell Jr.

District 6: Matt Schaefer

District 15: Steve Toth

District 16: Will Metcalf

District 18: Janis Holt

District 19: {Dual Endorsement} Ellen Troxclair & Nubia Devine

District 20: Terry Wilson

District 23: Terri Leo-Wilson

District 24: Greg Bonnen

District 25: Cody Vasut

District 26: Jacey Jetton

District 52: Caroline Harris

District 59: Shelby Slawson

District 66: Matt Shaheen

District 67: Jeff Leach

District 69: James Frank

District 73: Carrie Isaac

District 89: Candy Noble

District 91: Stephanie Klick

District 93: Nate Schatzline

District 94: Tony Tinderholt

District 96: David Cook

District 106: Jared Patterson

District 122: Mark Dorazio

District 126: Brisco Cain

District 129: Dennis Paul

District 130: Dr. Tom Oliverson

District 132: Mike Schofield

District 136: Michelle Evans

District 150: Valoree Swanson


Local Offices

Collin County Judge: Chris Hill

Tarrant County Judge: Tim O’Hare

Tarrant County District Attorney: Matt Krause

Tarrant County Probate Court #2: Judge Brooke Allen

Tarrant County District Clerk: Tom Wilder

371st District Court Judge: William Knight (Tarrant County)

McLennan County Court at Law #3 Judge: Ryan Luna

Chair of the Hidalgo County Republican Party: Adrienne Pena-Garza

Montgomery County Clerk: Brandon Steinmann

Montgomery County Judge: Mark Keough

Montgomery County Court at Law #1: John Hafley



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