Faith & Family Scorecard

Christian Manuel

Democrat | House District 22
y n
Supported our position
y n
Against our position
s ns
Supported our sponsorship position
s ns
Did Not Support our sponsorship position
Voted Present (not excused)
Absent (not excused)
Absent (excused)
Late Sponsor
Votes Sponsorships Other
Title Our position Member
HB 18 – Data privacy for children by Slawson y y
HB 1, Floor Amendment #60 Striking Rider 61 Prohibiting DEI by Neave-Criado n y
HB 1, Floor Amendment #45 Prohibiting $$ for School Vouchers by Herrero (RV #111) n y
HB 1, Motion to Table Floor Amendment #45 by Herrero (Prohibiting Article II spending on school choice) y n
HJR 102 Constitutional Amendment Sports Betting n y
HJR 155 Constitutional Amendment Casino Gaming n y
HB 2843 Casino Resort Gambling (2nd Reading) n y
HB 1942 Mobile Sports Betting (2nd Reading) n y
HB 1, Floor Amendt #28 A2A Funding by Vasut y n
HB 2012 Display of National Motto by Oliverson (3rd Reading) y y
SB 763 (2nd Reading) y n
SB 24 (3rd Reading) y y
SB 15 (3rd Reading) y n
SB 15 (2nd Reading) y n
SB 14 (3rd Reading) y n
SB 14 (2nd Reading) y n
SB 12 (3rd Reading) y n
SB 12 (2nd Reading) y p
HB 900 (2nd Reading) y n