Faith & Family Scorecard

Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa

Democrat | Senate District 20
y n
Supported our position
y n
Against our position
s ns
Supported our sponsorship position
s ns
Did Not Support our sponsorship position
Voted Present (not excused)
Absent (not excused)
Absent (excused)
Late Sponsor
Votes Sponsorships Other
Title Our position Member
SB 13 Public School Library Obscenity Ban/TEA by Paxton y n
SB 162 Inclusion of sex on birth certificate by Perry y n
SB 959 No Charter School Funds to Promote Abortion by Campbell y n
SB 8 School Choice by Creighton y n
SB 1556 Right to Pray on Duty by Parker y y
HB 2012 Display of National Motto by Oliverson (3rd Reading) y y
SB 1515 Ten Commandments by King y n
SB 763 (2nd Reading) y n
SB 24 (3rd Reading) y y
SB 15 (3rd Reading) y p
SB 15 (2nd Reading) y p
SB 14 (3rd Reading) y n
SB 14 (2nd Reading) y n
SB 12 (3rd Reading) y n
SB 12 (2nd Reading) y n
HB 900 (2nd Reading) y n