Texas Values Action: Fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom in Texas

April 29, 2014

Fighting for Faith, family, and freedom

A Historic Opportunity for Texas

Texas has a historic opportunity this year to boldly lead the nation forward in the fight for faith, family, and freedom.

Make no mistake, the radical left has its eyes set on Texas. Obama’s political machine, Battleground Texas, is recruiting thousands of activists in Texas and out-of-state progressives are flooding our state with millions of dollars–all for one goal–to fundamentally transform Texas.

They want to trample our religious liberties, redefine the sacred institution of marriage, and undo our hard-earned pro-life victories in Texas.

We can’t let that happen. It’s time for Texas to respond and to take action.

That is why I am extremely excited to announce the expansion of our efforts to more aggressively impact our state for faith, family, and freedom with Texas Values Action.

Texas Values Action is the new advocacy and legislative action arm of Texas Values. Texas Values Action operates as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that directly advocates for faith, family, and freedom in the political arena. Texas Values Action shares in the Texas Values Mission and Vision of standing for biblical, Judeo-Christian values to ensure that Texas is a state in which religious liberty flourishes, families prosper, and every human life.

Today we launched a new website for Texas Values Action at Please check it out and learn how you can become more involved.

We have a strategic plan in place to ensure that in this important election year, Texas holds the line for our time-tested values. We must ensure that the majority of Texans that support religious liberty, marriage and family, and life are represented by true leaders that share their values.

Texas Values Action is fighting to:

  • Elect pro-religious liberty, pro-family, and pro-life leaders. Texas Values Action will make select endorsements in the May Primary Runoff and November General Elections.
  • Expand the reach of our Texas Values Action Free Voters Guide that educates voters on the important issues and whether candidates are conservative, moderate, or liberal. Our Guide already reached tens of thousands of voters for the March Primary.
  • Meet every challenge to redefine marriage in Texas. We will help lead efforts to protect marriage from the overreach of the Obama Administration.
  • Urge the Texas Legislature to pass stronger religious liberty protection to protect our most foundational freedom.
  • Hold Texas elected officials accountable.
  • Build, inform, and equip a grassroots coalition of values-supporting activists in all 150 Texas House Districts.

This year is an incredibly important year for the future of Texas, but our plan will require significant funding to counter the left’s millions that are being poured in from outside our state.

Recognizing the unique position we are in to lead the charge for biblical values in our state, a supporter has made a generous $100,000 grant to Texas Values Action and challenged us to raise an additional $100,000 to double the impact.

Our $100,000 Challenge Grant is a great opportunity to increase your impact for family values this year.

Challenge Grant donate page 2

We must not underestimate the anti-Christian, pro-abortion forces and allow them to make further inroads in Texas. Texas is too important to let ourselves stand idly by while the radicals erode everything Texas stands for. We must stop them in their tracks.

With your support, activism and prayers we can win and help preserve our precious freedoms in Texas. Join with Texas Values Action today and make a generous donation to support our aggressive battle plan.

Your immediate donation of $25, $100, $1,000, or even $2,500 will help us reach our $100,000 Challenge Grant goal.

Only together can we effectively fight back and win the battle for Texas.


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