ALERT! LGBT Activists Demand Girls in Boys-Only Public School Choir

June 26, 2023

LGBT ideology is everywhere.  An all-boys choir in Forth Worth is being targeted by LGBT activists seeking to impose their radical ideology on students and parents.

Forth Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA) is a public charter school, emphasizing arts in education. They have a prestigious, world class boys-only choir, the Texas Boys Choir, whose members have competed in choral competitions across the U.S., traveled Europe on tour, even singing at the Vatican. They also have a lesser known girls-only choir – the Singing Girls of Texas.

The FWAFA board is currently under pressure from LGBT activists who are demanding that girls identifying as boys be allowed on the all-boys choir, and vice versa. The most recent board meeting in May was highly contentious with dozens of LGBT activists showing up to testify and pressure board members into re-writing the school bylaws to change the definition of “boy” and “girl” to allow for sexual orientation and gender identity.

During the May 2023 meeting, the board decided to postpone their decision until the June 27th board meeting.

We need your help!  We need supporters in the Forth Worth area to attend the board meeting and encourage board members to stand strong and say “no” to changing the definitions of “boy” and “girl.”

Changing the traditional definition of boys and girls creates a number of problems:

1. It reduces the opportunities for boys who audition to participate in a prestigious choir, travel and compete, and receive recognition and high quality instruction.

2. It discriminates against parents and students of faith and penalizes the religious beliefs of those who hold that there are only two genders based on biology –  male and female.

3. It potentially sets up inappropriate situations that force boys and girls to share rooms or lodging on overnight school trips and tours.

4. It fosters needless litigation and divisiveness, wasting school resources and politicizing school programs instead of focusing on the school’s mission.

The June 27th board meeting will be held at Mary D. & F. Howard Walsh Theater Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA) at 3901 S. Hulen St.Fort Worth, TX 76109.  The meeting will start at 6 P.M.

Let’s show up and make a difference for Texas students!


If you can’t join us in Fort Worth on Tuesday but would still like to support our work, please consider donating. You can give to Texas Values or Texas Values Action.

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