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Everything You Need to Know Before Heading Back to School!

August 16, 2023
Many teachers, parents and students are getting ready to head back to school. Texas Values is here as a resource to guide you through the school...

ALERT! LGBT Activists Demand Girls in Boys-Only Public School Choir

June 26, 2023
LGBT ideology is everywhere.  An all-boys choir in Forth Worth is being targeted by LGBT activists seeking to impose their radical ideology on students and parents....

End of TX Session Press Release: Expert Analysis on 88th Texas Legislature Wrap Up

May 29, 2023
Austin, TX – May 29, 2023: As the 88th Texas Legislature comes to an end, the media, Texas residents and business owners may have some questions about...

ALERT! Last Vote – Ban Drag Queen Shows with Kids

May 28, 2023
Topic: Legislature
This is the LAST action alert we will do this session: SB 12 by Senator Hughes and Representative Shaheen is almost done and needs one final push...