Texas Values Action Endorses Ellen Troxclair for Texas House – Here’s Why

January 11, 2024
Topic: Elections

Texas Values Action endorses Representative Ellen Troxclair for reelection to Texas House District 19, in the heart of the Hill Country. Representative Troxclair is a trusted candidate who stands for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious liberty policies.  

The primary election is March 5th, 2024. Early voting begins February 20th and ends March 1st.  

Rep. Troxclair is a wife and mother of three who has a proven track record of advocating for Christian and conservative policies throughout her career as an Austin city councilwoman, political staffer, policy fellow, and state legislator. A few of her accomplishments are listed below: 

  • Received a score of 97 on the Texas Values Action scorecard, earning her the recognition of “Faith and Family Champion” for the 2023 Texas Legislative Session. 
  • Fought for Pro-life policies for the City of Austin by fighting against Austin’s sweetheart deal with Planned Parenthood to rent a building for $1 a year and speaking out against and voting “no” on a resolution to fund lobbying efforts for Planned Parenthood.  
  • Served as a “Fellow” with the conservative policy organization Texas Public Policy Foundation. 
  • Published an Op-Ed on how gender identity is destroying women’s sports and private spaces.  
  • Featured speaker and guest at Texas Faith and Family Day in March 2023. 
  • Has a career history of working as policy and political staff for noted strong conservatives such as Commissioner Wayne Christian, Senator Phil King, and Representative Jason Isaac. 

Although Rep. Troxclair was a freshman during the 88th Legislative Session, she hit the ground running with a strong voting record for legislation advocating for pro-life and pro-family values while also authoring and signing on to key legislative bills on important issues.  

  • Fought for fairness in women’s sports by co-authoring SB 15, the College Save Women’s Sports Law. 
  • The first member of the Texas House to introduce legislation nicknamed “The Woman’s Bill of Rights” that would define woman in statute and ensure privacy and sex separated spaces based on biological differences are protected. 
  • Advocated for school choice legislation from the perspective of a mom wanting the best educational opportunities for children. 
  • Authored legislation to make sure parents are aware of any surveys given to students about their emotional well-being and personal beliefs. 
  • Authored legislation (HB 522) to remove the obscenity exemption in state law in order to protect students from inappropriate sexual materials. 
  • Co-authored legislation to stop sex change operations on minors, SB 14. 
  • Co-authored legislation to keep pornographic books out of school libraries. 
  • Co-authored legislation to designate Celebration of Life Day as an official state holiday. 
  • Co-authored legislation (HB 1804 Leo-Wilson) that would have centralized the adoption process for instructional materials for schools K-12 by returning the power back to the State Board of Education to vote on and approve instructional materials. 
  • Co-authored legislation that would allow parents to opt their child in to human sexuality instruction, requiring schools to obtain permission from parents before teaching Sex- Ed to any student. 
  • Co-authored legislation to stop cities from providing logistical support to abortion providers. 
  • Voted in favor of increasing the budget to the Alternatives to Abortion program. 

All endorsements released to date can be found on the “Endorsements” page at Texas Values Action. 

Early voting for the General Election will start on Monday, October 21st and the main election day is Tuesday, November 5th 2024. 

Texas Values Action publishes a voter’s guide with resources for voters in Texas. Find it at 

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