This Sunday, October 15 is School Choice Sunday!

October 12, 2023
Topic: Legislature

This Sunday, October 15 is School Choice Sunday. Pastors across the state of Texas will be talking about how important it is for parents to be able to provide the best education for their children.

We believe that a parent has the God given right and duty to teach and raise their children. As an organization that seeks to protect parental rights, we believe these rights extend to where a child goes to school. Many schools are pushing ideologies against our Christian faith. Parents want to be able to send their kids to schools without worrying about their religious beliefs being attacked.

It is important that our state can help parents and kids make the best education decisions for their family. Pastors are not being asked to support a certain elected official or piece of legislation. Pastors are simply reminding their congregation that parents should have the right to choose better options for their child’s education.

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