Physician-Legislators File Bills to End Barbarous Practice of Gender Modification on Texas Children

January 30, 2023

For Immediate Release


Austin, TX – January 30, 2023: Senator Donna Campbell and Rep. Tom Oliverson have filed identical bills to ban the radical and harmful practice of gender modification surgeries and treatments on children in both the Texas Senate and Texas House.

Jonathan Covey, Director of Policy stated:

“We are grateful for two highly respected doctors and members of the Texas Legislature, Senator Donna Campbell and Rep. Tom Oliverson for joining forces and working with the Texas Values policy team to protect Texas kids from the dangerous practice of sex change operations and procedures by filing SB 625 and HB 1686. This legislation will ensure that children are cared for using modern science, not radical political activism resulting in the permanent removal of healthy body parts and sterilizing treatments. We need a state law to help kids, not harm them, and these two distinguished legislators are leading the way.”

Senator Campbell is a board-certified emergency room physician, and Rep. Oliverson is a board-certified anesthesiologist and partner at the largest anesthesia group in Texas.

Texas Values Action is the leading organization on the issue of banning gender modification surgeries and treatments in the State of Texas.

Members of the Texas Values Action policy team are available for comment and media may contact to coordinate interviews.


About Texas Values Action

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