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Texas Senate Passes Born Alive Infant Protection Act

April 9, 2019
Topic: Life , Press Releases
Today the Texas Senate passed on final reading SB23 the Born Alive Infant Protection Act with a bipartisan vote of 21-10.  Sens. Lucio and Zaffirini, both...

Texas Values Action Testifies in Support of Born Alive Infant Protection Act

March 25, 2019
Austin, Texas – Texas Values Action along with numerous survivors of abortion, testified in support of HB16, The Born Alive Infant Protection Act, today at the...

Pro-Family Priorities for 2019 Texas Legislative Session

January 8, 2019
Texas has the opportunity to advance the line in the 2019 Texas Legislative Session on religious freedom, privacy, marriage, life, and education. Below are some of...

Speaker Straus, Rep. Cook Kill Privacy Protections for Texans

August 17, 2017
In yet another abuse of power, liberal House Speaker Joe Straus abruptly adjourned the Texas House yesterday over objections of some Republican House members, killing broadly...