Dallas City Council Approves Bathroom Bill, Allows Men into Women’s Bathrooms

November 10, 2015

Dallas, TX, November 10, 2015 Today, the Dallas City Council fast tracked and approved an aggressive and dangerous bathroom ordinance that allows men into women’s bathroom. In a surprise move that involved the Council approving controversial language in a closed door meeting late last night,  without public input, the Council approved the new and sweeping language today that is over 10 pages long. The language is strikingly similar to the same “gender identity” and “public accommodations” language contained in the defeated Houston law that relates to bathroom, locker rooms and shower rooms. The new Dallas ordinance is a threat to safety and freedom and allows the government to fine private small business owners $500.

This swift government move comes just one week after Houston voters decisively said “no” to a radical, expansive bathroom ordinance and power grab that threatened the safety and liberty of Houston residents. In an historic vote,  61 – 39%, Houston voted down its bathroom ordinance that would have allowed men to use women’s bathroom and locker rooms also called “HERO” was voted by down. Texas Values Action was on the ground for the historic vote in Houston.

 Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values Action released the following statement:

“This Dallas bathroom ordinance will allow men into women’s bathrooms and that’s why the Dallas City Council is deliberately trying to avoid the people. Their fast track method of passing this dangerous bill that threatens the safety of women and children is the same strategy used in Houston to disenfranchise voters with their failed bathroom bill. Creating law behind closed doors and forcing it onto the people the next morning  is a recipe for disaster. These Obama and D. C. style tactics will not work in Texas. Get ready for a Texas-sized response.”

State Senator Don Huffines, whose district includes parts of Dallas,  has already asked for the Dallas bathroom ordinance to be reconsidered.

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