Houston Mayor Muzzles Voice of The People

August 4, 2014

teenage tape over mouth (620-240)City Refuses to Validate Repeal Signatures on LGBT Law

Houston, TX, August 4, 2014 – Today, the people of Houston were censored by the City of Houston on the controversial anti-religious LGBT bathroom law passed earlier this year by Mayor Annise Parker and the Houston City Council. Of the over 50,000 petition signatures submitted from Houston residents, officially requesting that the City of Houston either repeal the Mayor’s anti-religious freedom LGBT bathroom law or place it on the ballot in for a vote by the people, Mayor Parker and the City of Houston Secretary’s office have ruled that some of the pages, not the actual signatures themselves, failed to meet the legal form requirement to ensure that the Houston residents get to vote on this divisive matter. Only a little more than 17,000 signatures were needed.

Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values Action released the following statement:

“Everyone in Houston knows that this issue is far from over. The people are wide awake now and Mayor Parker has only herself to blame as this reckless idea was hers alone from the beginning. Mayor Parker admitted that there were enough signatures to repeal this dangerous law. But clearly Mayor Parker and homosexual advocates want to use executive power to shut the people of Houston out of this process and force residents to accept this highly divisive new law against their will. Houstonians should be the ones to decide this issue, not Washington-style politicians.”

This dangerous ordinance is a threat to religious liberty of every Houstonian and is a threat to the public safety of women and children by allowing men to use women’s restrooms. The ordinance will force private business owners to violate their conscience on matters of faith and could be used to prosecute churches as well. Over 115,000 emails messages in opposition to the ordinance were sent to the Houston City Council earlier this year before the final council vote in May. The Mayor said she is ready to fight on this issue in court.

Texas Values Action has been one of the main organizations providing legal analysis and on the ground support for Houston residents, business owners and church leaders who have been ignored by city leaders, including Mayor Parker.

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