Houston Megachurch Announces Opposition to LGBT Ordinance, More Expected to Follow

May 9, 2014
Dr_Ed Young

Dr. Ed Young of Houston’s Second Baptist Church

Houston, TX, May 9, 2014 – This week, Houston megachurch, Second Baptist Church, led by Dr. Ed Young, sent out a very strong statement to its members, opposing the proposed LGBT ordinance that was delayed this week. The Houston City Council is scheduled to have a public hearing on this ordinance next Tuesday, May 13th and take a final vote on Wednesday, May 14th. Concerns have been raised for weeks about the impact the ordinance would potentially have on religious organizations and churches and the wide-reaching impact on private business owners.

The statement titled “Dare to Be a Daniel” says in part, “We constantly tell our children to be strong and say “no” to things in which we do not believe. Will we do the same? The voice of the proponents of this ordinance have been heard. Before your rights as citizens are forcefully taken from you, let your voice be heard as well.”

In response to Second Baptist Church’s statement, Texas Values Action president and attorney Jonathan Saenz released the following statement:

“Dr. Ed Young and Second Baptist Church are demonstrating real community leadership with their statement of strong opposition to this anti-religious freedom ordinance. This call to action by one of the most respected churches in Houston is clear evidence that the faith and business leaders are very concerned about the negative impacts of this ordinance. We expect more churches and community leaders to publicly express their concern and opposition to this unnecessary ordinance that has become the most divisive move in Mayor Parker’s tenure.”

Texas Values Action president Jonathan Saenz testified against the ordinance at the hearing last week and will be in Houston next week to comment on the proposed ordinance.

Read the full statement from Pastor Ed Young here.

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