Radical Extremists Attack Save Women’s Sports Leader Riley Gaines

April 11, 2023

Riley Gaines in team uniform next to the words "#StandWithRiley Stand with Riley Gaines"

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Radical Extremists Attack Save Women’s Sports Leader Riley Gaines
Biden Administration Straddles the Fence on Men in Women’s Sports

Last week, Save Women’s Sports leader and advocate Riley Gaines was violently attacked while speaking at an event at San Francisco State University. Police had to escort her away while transgender and extremist activists taunted and chased after her while screaming in opposition of keeping men out of women’s sports. Riley was then forced to spend hours in a barricaded room for her safety. Reports say that the protestors were demanding payment in order to allow Riley to leave the room safely.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration released a rule proposal that would bar states from having laws to keep men out of women’s sports, but would allow for individual states to have rules that would ensure fairness in sports. This alleged middle of the road approach is in addition to the U.S. Department of Education attempt to redefine “sex” in Title IX to include the concept of “gender identity.” However, the proposed rule on sports could hurt efforts to protect women in sports.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Director of Government Relations for Texas Values said:

“The physical and verbal attacks on Riley Gaines last week are unconscionable. When the other side knows they are against the law and without reason, they resort to violence. I stand with Riley Gaines who is a true leader in the movement to save women’s sports. The Biden Administration’s stance on women’s sports continues to be misguided after the recent Title IX rule proposal last week. We must lead the way in the Texas legislature to ensure that the law protects all female athletes at every level.”

The Texas Legislature passed a law in 2021 to ensure that boys do not play in girls’ sports in K-12. Currently, Texas Representative Valoree Swanson (HB 23) and Texas Senator Mayes Middleton (SB 15) are working to make sure that a law is passed to protect college women’s sports.

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