State of the State: Gov. Abbott Highlights Life and Religious Freedom

February 4, 2021

On Monday night, Governor Greg Abbott gave his State of the State address to Texans, touching on everything from COVID-19 challenges to job growth.

The address, given every odd-numbered year at the start of the Texas Legislative Session, is an opportunity for the Governor to lay out his emergency items (allowing lawmakers to bypass the Texas Constitution’s no voting rule for the first 60 days of session), and to express his support for legislative issues he considers priorities.

Besides his emergency items, Governor Abbott also expressed strong support for religious freedom, saying “We must ensure that freedom to worship is forever safeguarded. I want a law this session that prevents any government entity from shutting down religious activities in Texas.”

He also stated his strong support for pro-life legislation in Texas, making it clear that ending abortion is a priority for him.

We look forward to working to ensure both life and religious freedom are protected this legislative session.

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