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Cruz, Statewide Republicans Win but Texas Takes Big Hits

November 7, 2018
Topic: Elections
Election Day 2018 saw some important victories for faith, family and freedom in Texas, including U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s victory over Beto O’Rourke, but Texas also...

Lame Duck ‘Committee’ Puts Dollars Over Daughters

November 16, 2017
  Outgoing Rep. Byron Cook held a so-called “economic competitiveness” committee hearing on Wednesday (Nov. 15), which many believe has the goal of supporting policies that allow men...

Texas Values Action Endorses Matt Rinaldi for Texas House

December 10, 2015
Texas Values Action proudly endorses Matt Rinaldi for the Texas House of Representatives, House District 115. Matt Rinaldi was recognized as a Faith and Family Champion...

Faith, Family & Freedom Win Big in Texas

November 6, 2014
Topic: Elections
On Tuesday, Texas voters secured a resounding victory for faith, family, and freedom in our state. From the top of the ticket down, Texas voters overwhelmingly...