Lame Duck ‘Committee’ Puts Dollars Over Daughters

November 16, 2017


Outgoing Rep. Byron Cook held a so-called “economic competitiveness” committee hearing on Wednesday (Nov. 15), which many believe has the goal of supporting policies that allow men in women’s bathrooms.

Rep. Cook announced recently he’s not running for re-election after he blocked priorities of Gov. Greg Abbott during this year’s two Texas legislative sessions.

Texas Values Action President Jonathan Saenz, along with elected officials, business leaders, parents, and other concerned Texans hosted a press conference immediately prior to the hearing to set the record straight on the true motives behind the purported “Select Committee on Economic Competitiveness.”

“We all know that this lame duck hearing is just a going away party for failed leadership by Byron Cook and Joe Straus; and for that the people of Texas should celebrate,” said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values Action. “After stalling and blocking any and all attempts to have a debate on the Texas Privacy Act on the House floor, now Straus and Cook want to set up a committee to ‘discuss’ the privacy issue? This is fake news of the worst kind!”

Reps. Matt Krause and Matt Rinaldi attended this morning’s Texas Values Action press conference. Rep. Rinaldi said the committee specifically shut him out of speaking in the hearing just like how Straus and Cook shut out the public.

The conference also featured comments from Dripping Springs ISD parents Nikki Kelton and Rob Satterfield, as well as business owner Angela Smith, Concerned Women for America State Director Ann Hettinger and Empower Texans General Counsel Tony McDonald (video).

“The fact is that Texas has been No. 1 for business 13 years in a row — that’s after two years of the bathroom privacy issue dominating media attention and voters and parents saying no to men in girls bathrooms,” Saenz continued. “Not to mention, Houston, the only jurisdiction to vote on the matter, has hosted the Super Bowl, an NCAA tournament, and sent its team to the World Series. Rest assured, Texas has the reputation of being a bastion of not only taxpayer-friendly policies but also of religious liberty and family values. A steady flow of businesses moving in from other states is all the proof our state leaders need standing strong for our values is good for business.”


Video of Press conference (via Facebook Live):

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Rep. Matt Krause.

Empower Texans General Counsel Tony McDonald.

Dripping Springs ISD parent Nikki Kelton.

Rob Satterfield.

Concerned Women for America’s Ann Hettinger.

Hill Country Business Owner Angela Smith.

Rep. Matt Rinaldi.

Texas Values Action President Jonathan Saenz.


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