Take Action to Support the Texas Privacy Act, Senate Hearing Tomorrow

March 6, 2017

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We need you to immediately take action to support the Texas Privacy Act.

Tomorrow, March 7, the Texas Privacy Act (SB 6) will be heard in the Senate State Affairs Committee. Testimony will begin at 8 a.m. in room E1.036 in the Texas Capitol Extension.

We need as many Texans as possible to publicly declare their support of the Texas Privacy Act, and we’re especially looking for business leaders that are willing publicly support the legislation and testify.

Here is the truth about the Texas Privacy Act:

Texas Senator Lois Kolkhorst filed SB 6 to protect the privacy, safety and dignity of Texans in bathrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate facilities in all government buildings, including public schools. SB 6 protects private businesses from local government laws dictating restroom, locker room, and changing area policies. The bill also defends the dignity and privacy of all Texans in intimate facilities in public schools and government buildings, making it clear that government entities may not allow biological men in girls’ bathrooms, shower rooms, or changing areas.

Momentum continues to build in support of SB 6 as recent polls shows that a strong majority of Texas voters agree that use of public restrooms should be restricted by gender. In addition, the support for SB 6 is bipartisan as Senator Eddie Lucio (D-Brownsville) announced his support for the legislation at a press conference with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick earlier today.


  1. Contact your State Senator and ask him/her to support the Texas Privacy Act. Be sure to thank the following Senators that have signed on as coauthors and/or indicated their support for SB 6: Bettencourt, Birdwell, Buckingham, Burton, Campbell, Creighton, Estes, Hall, Hancock, Huffines, Huffman, Hughes, Kolkhorst, Lucio, Nelson, Nichols, Perry, Schwertner, Taylor, L., and Taylor, V.
  2. Publicly declare your support of the Texas Privacy Act, especially if you are a business leader.
  3. Join the Texas Values Thunderclap campaign and – along with others – show your support during the SB 6 hearing tomorrow. Participating in the Thunderclap campaign will allow you to sign up on Facebook or Twitter to post a message along with all other supporters at the same time on the day of the Senate hearing.
  4. Watch, Like, and Share our #ProtectPrivacy testimonial video on Facebook. When using social media, use #ProtectPrivacy and #SB6.
  5. Most importantly, please be in prayer for tomorrow’s SB 6 hearing.
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