Texas Values Action Endorses Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Sid Miller, First Round of Texas Legislators

November 2, 2017

The March 6, 2018 Republican Primary election provides a significant opportunity for Texans to elect principled conservative candidates that will stand for faith, family, and freedom across the Lone Star State. Texas Values Action is in the process of vetting candidates across the state on important issues, including religious liberty, marriage and family, life, and privacy.

We are proud to release our first round of endorsements today, including statewide endorsements for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller, as well as a first round of endorsements for the Texas House and Senate:

“Dan Patrick has demonstrated time and again that he is a leader on the issues of faith, family and freedom,” said Texas Values Action president, Jonathan Saenz. “He is a proven pro-life champion, a strong defender of family values, and has led the effort to protect the privacy and dignity of Texans in intimate facilities. His leadership has made possible a long list of pro-family victories over the years and in the most recent legislative session. Texas Values Action wholeheartedly endorses Dan Patrick for another term as Lieutenant Governor of Texas.”

“Throughout his career in public service, Ken Paxton has a consistent history of standing up for our values,” said Texas Values Action president, Jonathan Saenz. “As a member of the Texas House of Representatives he pushed back against moderate leadership — even running for Speaker against Joe Straus. As Attorney General, Paxton has without fail defended the side of life and religious liberty. He courageously stood up against mandates from the previous Administration that would threaten families, including successfully halting President Obama’s edict to force public schools to open up girls’ bathroom to boys. Texas Values Action wholeheartedly endorses the re-election of Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General.”

“Texas Values Action proudly endorses Sid Miller for Commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture,” said Texas Values Action president, Jonathan Saenz. “Sid Miller has proven time and again at the statewide level and in his time in the Texas House of Representatives that he can be trusted to support the values that keep Texas strong. Sid Miller has been a champion for life, and his bold voice and commitment to family values will continue to serve Texas well.”

In addition to statewide offices, Texas Values Action is also announcing its first round of endorsements for the Texas House and Senate:

Texas Senate

District 2: Bob Hall
District 7: Paul Bettencourt
District 9: Kelly Hancock
District 10: Konni Burton
District 16: Don Huffines
District 25: Donna Campbell

Texas House

District 5: Cole Hefner
District 6: Matt Schaefer
District 24: Greg Bonnen
District 26: Rick Miller
District 60: Mike Lang
District 61: Phil King
District 65: Ron Simmons
District 66: Matt Shaheen
District 67: Jeff Leach
District 68: Drew Springer
District 69: James FrankA
District 70: Scott Sanford
District 91: Stephanie Klick
District 92: Jonathan Stickland
District 93: Matt Krause
District 94: Tony Tinderholt
District 96: Bill Zedler
District 115: Matt Rinaldi
District 128: Briscoe Cain
District 130: Tom Oliverson
District 132: Mike Schofield
District 138: Dwayne Bohac
District 150: Valoree Swanson

Up to date information on our latest endorsements and on our endorsement process can be found here.

About Texas Values Action

Texas Values Action is the 501(c)(4) advocacy arm of Texas Values, a non-profit organization dedicated to standing for faith, family, and freedom in Texas. More information is available at

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