Texas Values Action Releases Additional State and Congressional Endorsements

January 22, 2020

Austin – Texas Values Action has released additional State House and Congressional endorsements for the 2020 Elections. In the face of increasing attacks on religious liberty, marriage and family, and life, the 2020 Elections offer a great opportunity for Texans to elect principled conservative candidates who will fight for faith, family, and freedom at all levels of government.

“We are excited to endorse these candidates who will fight for the values that Texans believe in. From the Texas Capital all the way to Washington D.C., it is important to have the right elected officials in place to ensure Texas is a state in which religious freedom flourishes, families prosper, and every unborn child is valued,” said Texas Values Action Vice President David Walls.

Texas Values Action only endorses candidates who demonstrate a firm commitment to protecting religious liberty, marriage and family, and innocent human life.

Texas Values Action is in the process of vetting more candidates across the state. If a candidate is interested in receiving an endorsement from Texas Values Action, we encourage them to submit a questionnaire found on our website.

Additional endorsements will be issued for the March 3 Republican Primary.

All endorsements released to date, with new endorsements in bold.

United States Congress

CD 1: Louie Gohmert
CD 3: Van Taylor
CD 4: John Ratcliffe
CD 6: Ron Wright
CD 11: Jamie Berryhill
CD 21: Chip Roy
CD 22: Kathaleen Wall
CD 25: Roger Williams

Texas Senate
SD 1: Bryan Hughes
SD 4: Brandon Creighton
SD 11: Larry Taylor
SD 12: Jane Nelson
SD 18: Lois Kolkhorst
SD 19: Peter Flores
SD 22: Brian Birdwell
SD 24: Dawn Buckingham

Texas House
HD 3: Cecil Bell, Jr
HD 5: Cole Hefner
HD 6: Matt Schaefer
HD 15: Steve Toth
HD 17: John Cyrier
HD 20: Terry Wilson
HD 23: Mayes Middleton
HD 24: Greg Bonnen
HD 33: Justin Holland
HD 45: Carrie Isaac
HD 56: Charles “Doc” Anderson
HD 58: DeWayne Burns
HD 60: Jon Francis
HD 61: Phil King
HD 63: Tan Parker
HD 66: Matt Shaheen
HD 67: Jeff Leach
HD 68: Drew Springer
HD 69: James Frank
HD 70: Scott Sanford
HD 73: Kyle Biedermann
HD 83: Dustin Burrows
HD 89: Candy Noble
HD 91: Stephanie Klick
HD 92: Jeff Cason
HD 93: Matt Krause
HD 94: Tony Tinderholt
HD 106: Jared Patterson
HD 121: Steve Allison
HD 128: Briscoe Cain
HD 130: Tom Oliverson
HD 132: Mike Schofield
HD 133: Jim Murphy
HD 138: Lacey Hull
HD 150: Valoree Swanson

Other Endorsements
Bexar County Commissioner Pct. 3: Weston Martinez
Collin County Commissioner Pct. 3: Darrell Hale

Endorsement announcements will be updated throughout the 2020 election season at


About Texas Values Action

Texas Values Action is the advocacy and legislative action arm of Texas Values. Texas Values is the largest statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to standing for faith, family, and freedom in Texas. More information is available at


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