Time to Clean House

October 26, 2017

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) and State Affairs Chairman Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) announced yesterday that they are not running for reelection.

The writing was already on the wall. Thanks to the hard work of the conservative grassroots, it was only a matter of time before the mounting pressure was too great for them to continue in office. But we can’t get complacent – our work this primary election season is just beginning.

We need your help to hold more of our elected officials accountable and ensure the Straus Establishment Machine is ended for good in the Texas House.

During this past legislative session, the Straus Establishment Machine ruled our Texas House like a covert arm of the LGBT lobby and the Democratic Party. Speaker Straus, Rep. Byron Cook and their liberal allies blocked, stalled, then flat-out killed the Texas Privacy Act.

These “Republicans” put our families’ safety and privacy below their allegiance to the Hard Left and pro-LGBT, social-justice warriors.

The Establishment is already declaring war on conservative Christians this election cycle, with one lobbyist saying flat out: “Let’s take the Republican party out of the pulpit…” They want Texans to believe the lie that protecting religious freedom is incompatible with economic prosperity.

That’s why freedom-loving, values-affirming Texans absolutely must make this coming primary election count. We must protect our families and their liberties.

To do that, Texas voters must know what their legislators did and did not do, and what sort of candidate seeks to replace them.

Our just-released 2017 Faith and Family Scorecard gives Texans an easy-to-access numerical rating of how each state legislator performed on issues impacting faith and families during the 85th Texas Legislative Session.

Then please make a generous gift to help us spread this essential information to every Texan. We must significantly increase our statewide advertising and outreach with additional funding. We urgently need the resources to start immediately.

Remember who we’re up against in the Texas House. It’s bad enough that radical elements of the Democratic Party are being funded and equipped by the LGBT lobby to attack us.

Even worse, this lobby’s most effective allies have come from liberal Big Business, led by the Texas Association of Business, who have pulled every political parlor trick and backroom tactic to sell out religious liberty, family values, and our families’ safety and privacy.

If you’re fed-up, tired, and outraged that Texas leaders––even Republicans who claim conservative values––would sell you out like this, then vote with your money.

Together, we can shake up halls of power like the Alabama voters who thumbed their noses at the National Establishment by voting for “Ten Commandments” Judge Roy Moore in their primary for U.S. Senate.

Their bold choice sent a shockwave that rattled windows all the way to Washington––and we can rattle a few windows in Austin!

So please: help us spread the word about our just-released 2017 Faith & Family Scorecard.

Let’s give our fellow Texans the knowledge to declare Accountability Time this primary election season!

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