We Endorse Stephanie Klick for Texas House – Here’s Why

February 23, 2022

Texas Values Action has endorsed Representative Stephanie Klick for Texas House District 91 in the Tarrant County Fort Worth area.

Early voting for the primary run-off election is May 16 – 20, and the primary election run-off is May 24, 2022.

During 2021, the 87th Texas Legislature passed numerous pro-life and pro-family bills, including the Texas Heartbeat Law and other pro-life measures with Rep. Stephanie Klick’s support and leadership.

Rep. Stephanie Klick’s voting record from the 87th Legislative Session leaves no doubt that she worked hard last year to preserve pro-life and pro-family issues. Let’s take a closer look at her voting record and demonstrated leadership this past session (2021):

During this past session Rep. Klick served as Chair of the House Public Health Committee. Under her leadership, both the House and Senate versions of the Heartbeat Law received hearings and were passed out of this committee. This bill went on to become the strongest pro-life law in the country and has saved over 25,000 unborn babies’ lives to date.

Rep. Klick was the primary House author who led the effort to pass the “No Mail-Order Abortions” bill, SB 4, and her own House version of the bill to prohibit dangerous chemical abortion pills from being sent to women through the mail. This bill helps protect women from harm and exploitation by sex traffickers and passed with bipartisan support. Recently, the Biden administration reduced FDA standards to make it easier for women to obtain chemical abortion pills through the mail, but our Texas law prevents this.

Rep. Klick also gave a hearing to HB 1399 by Rep. Matt Krause – a strong pro-family bill that would have protected children from harmful gender transition procedures and treatments by barring physicians from providing these types of procedures. The bill also prohibited insurance companies from covering these types of procedures and treatments on their professional liability policies. Rep. Klick’s committee voted for and passed HB 1399. HB 1399 then went to the House for a full vote and ran into timing deadlines.

Rep. Klick’s Public Health Committee did not stop there. During the 87th session, Chairwoman Klick led the committee to pass at least 10 pro-life or pro-family bills that would advance through the legislative process (several advanced into law). Some not already mentioned include:

  •  HB 3218, the Preborn Nondiscrimination Act bill which sought to ban discriminatory abortions that are motivated by the sex, race, or potential disability of the preborn child.
  •  SB 442, to increase transparency for school health advisory councils (SHACs) and to require public schools to obtain parental permission before teaching their students sex education (“Opt-In” sex-ed) For this bill, the primary House author failed to show for the hearing and Klick moved it forward anyway (Amended on to school finance bill and signed into law).
  •  HB 1280, the “trigger” bill which would ban abortion in the event, and to the extent that the Supreme Court reverses its rulings under Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (Signed into law).
  •  HB 1291, requiring a hospital or medical facility to inform medical personnel and staff of their right to object to participation in an abortion procedure.
  •  HB 1424, establishing protections to allow health care providers to decline to participate in procedures for reasons of conscience, except with respect to emergency care or life-sustaining treatment.

These are some of the many reasons Texas Values Action has endorsed Rep. Stephanie Klick for Texas House District 91.

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