Wednesday: Final Public Hearing and Vote on Houston LGBT Ordinance

May 26, 2014

After the Houston City Council voted to delay the final vote on Mayor Parker’s LGBT Ordinance by two weeks, the opposition to this dangerous and anti-religious freedom proposal has only continued to grow. Last Sunday, nearly 2,500 pastors and concerned citizens gathered for the“Stand with Our Women and Children Rally” to stand in unison against the ordinance.

More faith and local community leaders continue to speak out against the proposed LGBT ordinance and over 80,000 email messages have been sent to council members against the ordinance. The overwhelming calls and emails pouring in to Houston City Council members are having an impact, but we must keep up the pressure leading into next Wednesday’s final public hearing and vote.

Despite Mayor Parker’s attempted deception on the bathroom issue, the ordinance still poses a public safety threat to the women and children of Houston. Legal experts agree, the ordinance will now allow even MORE men to enter women’s bathrooms! Testimony at the City Council meeting last week made this critical fact clear. Read more legal analysis on this issue.

And other concerns continue to be raised about the impact the ordinance could potentially have on religious organizations and churches and the wide-reaching impact on private business owners.

Now is the crucial moment to take a final stand against this dangerous ordinance. This is how you can make an impact:

  • ATTEND AND SPEAK at the Houston City Council Public Hearing next Wednesday, May 28, at 9:00 AM at Houston City Hall (google map here) and speak out. You must sign up to speak ahead of time by contacting the City Secretary’s office at 832-393-1100 or emailing You can sign up right now and be sure to let the secretary know you are speaking in opposition to the ordinance. The Council is expected to take a final vote after the public hearing on Wednesday.
  • CONTACT the City Council by email and make a phone call to the targeted council members (see below). Your direct contact with the council members is making a profound impact!
  • PRAY for the City Council to vote against this ungodly proposal and for them to have courage.

Please tell your friends, family, and church, especially if they are in the Houston area, what is at stake. Ask everyone to take immediate action and join you in prayer.

Take Action: CLICK HERE to contact the Houston Mayor and City Council and and ask them to vote down this dangerous ordinance.

Houston City Council Target Priorities

District B: Jerry Davis Phone: 832.393.3009
District F: Richard Nguyen Phone: 832.393.3002
At Large 1: Stephen C. Costello Phone: 832.393.3014
At Large 2: David Robinson Phone: 832.393.3013
At Large 4: C.O. “Brad” Bradford Phone: 832.393.3012

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