Faith and Family Scorecard Alert: Budget Amendments

March 27, 2019
Topic: Legislature

As the Texas House meets today to go over the State Budget, over 300 amendments have been pre-filed. Texas Values Action has been tracking these important amendments and watching for ones that would affect issues of faith, family and religious freedom.  Throughout the day more amendments will be added and Texas Values Action will alert new amendments added to our Scorecard via our twitter page.

Of the pre-filed amendments, Texas Values Action will be scoring the following:

Author Page Article Summary
Stickland 26 I Increases Funding of Alternatives to Abortion Program
Leach 42 I Increase Funding for Women’s Health Programs
Swanson 71 I Funds for Community Based Care
Frank 74 I Funds for Community Based Care
Meyer 98 II Increase Funding for Healthy Texas Women Programs
Patterson 99 II Increases Funding for Alternatives to Abortion
Krause 100 II Increases Funding for Alternatives to Abortion
Klick 142 II Ensures Funding for Alternatives to Abortion is Not Used to Reimburse Abortions
Oliverson 145 II Increases Funding for Alternatives to Abortion
Cain 221 V Prohibition on Taxpayer Funded Elective Surgeries for Inmates
Swanson 312 IX Prohibits Funding of Hospitals that Perform Elective Abortions
Middleton 313 IX Prohibits City-owned Property from Being Leased to Abortion Providers
Cain 319 IX Prohibition on Spending Related to Human Fetal Tissue


Author Page Article Summary
Howard 11 I Funds  “positive school culture programs” – Likely Linked to Pro-progressive LGBT Agenda
Rosenthal 50 I Funds “positive school culture programs” – Likely Linked to Pro-progressive LGBT Agenda
Beckley 88 II Study vaccination levels of children enrolled at a licensed child-care facility/registered family home
Howard 101 II Defunds Alternatives to Abortion and Abstinence Education
Calanni 102 II Reduces Funding for Alternatives to Abortion/Increases Funds for Family Planning
Turner 103 II Strikes Abstinence Education
Minjarez 110 II Allows for Federal Grant Application for Abstinence Programs/
Howard 112 II Adds Unnecessary Regulations on Alternatives to Abortion Program
Howard 161 III Takes Education Commissioner Authority to Determine Instructional Material/Technology
Gutierrez 165 III Removes Technical or Governance Assistance to Charter Schools
Howard 168 III Funds Study of Students Not Accepted or Expelled from Charter Schools- Info includes data and gender
Canales 185 III Contingent on HB 548- Funds Public Education information Management System for Monitoring
Gonzalez, J 320 IX Prohibits Funds for School Choice

You can download a PDF of the above list here.

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