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Faith and Family Scorecard Alert: 2021 Budget Amendments

April 22, 2021
Topic: Legislature
The Texas House will debate CSSB 1, the Texas budget for 2022-2023, on the Texas House Floor. The Texas Values Action team analyzed all 240+ pre-filed...

2019 Texas Faith & Family Scorecard Released: Democrats Get Failing Grade

August 23, 2019
Texas Values Action just announced the release of their 2019 Faith & Family Scorecard based on information from the most recent 86th Texas Legislative Session. The...

Texas Values Action Releases List of Scoreable Coauthorships

Texas Values Action encourages all Texas Legislators to coauthor the follow pro-faith, family and freedom bills that we are supporting this session at the Texas Capitol....

Faith and Family Scorecard Alert: Budget Amendments

March 27, 2019
Topic: Legislature
As the Texas House meets today to go over the State Budget, over 300 amendments have been pre-filed. Texas Values Action has been tracking these important...