2019 Texas Faith & Family Scorecard Released: Democrats Get Failing Grade

August 23, 2019

Texas Values Action just announced the release of their 2019 Faith & Family Scorecard based on information from the most recent 86th Texas Legislative Session.

The 2019 Faith and Family Scorecard is the most comprehensive pro-family accountability tool of its kind in Texas.  It measures how state legislators performed on Texas Value Action’s core issues, including religious freedom, marriage & family, life, human sexuality, as well as other important pro-faith and family issues.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values Action said “The Faith & Family Scorecard is a critical education and accountability tool to see where legislators stood on the values that matter to Texans. We encourage all Texans to see how their elected officials measure up. It’s striking that the average House Democrat scored 3% on the 2019 Faith & Family Scorecard, including 47 Democrats (out of 67) that scored 0%. This includes almost all Democrats refusing to support a law that protects babies that are born alive after a failed abortion.“

This year Texas Values Action is proud to announce a new layout to make the 2019 Faith & Family Scorecard more user friendly, with individual member pages detailing how each legislator voted on core issues. You can now click through to individual State Senators and Representatives to see how they took action.

Overall, the 86th Legislature saw progress made in protecting religious liberty, with the passage of the Save Chick-fil-A Religious Freedom Act (SB 1978), and in protecting life, with the passage of Taxpayer Protection from Abortion Providers Act (SB 22) and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (HB 16).

But as we noted in our post-session analysis, priority bills like the Free to Believe Act and the Preborn Nondiscrimination Act did not pass. Important work is still left to be done.

With the 2020 election coming into focus, now is the time for Texans to equip themselves and hold their elected officials accountable. Make no mistake – elections have consequences. After flipping 12 Texas House seats in 2018, Texas Democrats have their eyes on flipping the entire Texas House.

As our Faith & Family Scorecard clearly shows, this would be disastrous for the future of faith, family, and freedom in Texas.

The average House Democrat scored 3% on the 2019 Faith & Family Scorecard, including 47 Democrats (out of 67) that scored 0%. This includes several notable freshmen Democrats that defeated Republicans in 2018, including Rep. Julie Johnson (0%) in Dallas County, Rep. John Bucy (0%) in Williamson County, and Rep. Erin Zwiener (0%) in Hays and Blanco County. Freshman Senator Beverly Powell representing Tarrant County scored 12%. These new House and Senate members voted against common-sense legislation that oftentimes were supported by members of their own party.



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