Lt. Gov. Patrick & Attorney General Paxton Request Hearings on Religious Liberty, Life

October 8, 2015

Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton (620-240)Austin, TX, October 8, 2015 – Today, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick issued his first round of interim charge hearings and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a recommendation to the Lt. Gov. and House Speaker Joe Straus for the Senate and House to further investigate issues of protecting the unborn and religious liberties in Texas. The legislative interim hearings consider key issues impacting Texans and report findings and recommendations to the Lt. Gov. and Speaker of the House.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick stated, “I’m asking the State Affairs Committee to assure we preserve our most fundamental rights including the freedom of religion, the right to bear arms and freedom of political speech.”  The religious liberty interim charge states: “Examine measures to affirm 1st Amendment religious liberty protections in Texas, along with the relationship between local ordinances and state and federal law. Make recommendations to ensure that the government does not force individuals, organizations or businesses to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.” Click here for more.

The Atty. Gen. requested to the Texas Legislature, “As you craft interim charges for examination by Senate Committees during the time between this past Session and the 2017 Session of the Legislature, I recommend that you consider investigating some of the ways Texas can: (1) further protect the life and dignity of unborn babies, and (2) further protect our religious liberties.” The Atty. Gen. also made recommendations including prohibiting dismemberment abortions, prohibiting Texas taxes from funding abortions, protecting businesses’ decisions regarding participating in wedding ceremonies, protecting religious beliefs of faith-based adoption agencies, and ensuring discrimination ordinances are uniform across the state. Click here for more.

Texas Values Action President and Attorney Jonathan Saenz issued this statement:

“In this critical time when the unborn are being torn apart for profit by Planned Parenthood, individuals are being punished for their religious beliefs on marriage, and faith leaders are called “fair game” by the government for speaking on moral issues and local ordinances, Texas must take the lead in standing strong on our principles. We’re thankful to Attorney General Paxton and  Lt. Governor Patrick for taking the lead on the issues that matter most to Texans. We look forward to being a resource for these vital and timely legislative hearings on life and religious freedom.”

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