Press Release: Texas House Passes SB 15 Save Women’s Sports Bill for College

May 17, 2023

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Austin, TX – May 17, 2023: The #SaveWomensSports Bill – SB 15 by Sen. Mayes Middleton and Representative Valoree Swanson – was voted on in Texas House and passed with a 93-49 bipartisan vote today! This means SB 15 is one step closer to being signed by the Texas governor and becoming law in Texas. Texas will now join a number of states that have laws that protect female athletes from middle school to college”

Female college athletes should not be forced to compete against men. SB 15 will protect women on this issue. Many female athletes across the state of Texas, a coalition of organizations, and Texas State Legislators including Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick have voiced their support for this bill.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Director of Government Relations for Texas Values said:

“Today the Texas House guaranteed victory for all female athletes in the state of Texas. SB 15 makes it clear that college women only play college women as intended by Title IX.”

Last session, a bill authored by Representative Valoree Swanson was passed to protect female athletes in grades K-12 from boys competing in girl’s sports. Women’s sports laws should apply to every female athlete from grade school to college. Failing to include protections for collegiate athletes undermines the entire purpose of women’s sports laws. Texas, let’s cross the finish line! For more, see our new microsite at

To help us accomplish this, Riley Gaines, 12-time collegiate award-winning competitive swimmer and spokeswoman for the #SaveWomensSports issue for the Independent Women’s Forum, another organizational ally, has testified before the Texas State Senate, and the Texas House of Representatives. She has been a key voice on the Save Women’s Sports issue after having to compete against and give up her trophy to male- swimmer and Austin native, Lia “Will” Thomas.


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