Religious Liberty, Privacy Win Big On Primary Election Night

March 7, 2018

AUSTIN – Late last night resulted in impressive wins for Texas and the nation.

Texas Values Action endorsed numerous candidates and focused on messaging faith and family issues, specifically on the issues of religious liberty and protecting privacy in bathrooms, showers and locker rooms in public schools and government buildings. As a result, voters overwhelmingly supported like-minded candidates and a specific ballot proposition on the privacy issue (more than 90 percent were in support).

In all races in which Texas Values Action endorsed a state House or Senate incumbent they won. Every Texas Values Action-endorsed candidate in the Texas House that supported the Texas Privacy Act won their election.

Notable outcomes:

• Texas Values Action-endorsed challenger Lisa Luby Ryan defeated three-term incumbent Rep. Jason Villalba, 53-47 percent. Villalba was one of the most vocal opponents of the Texas Privacy Act. Villalba was one of two House Republicans to vote against a religious freedom bill that protects the conscience rights of faith-based adoption agencies, a bill that was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2017. Outgoing and recently censured Texas House Speaker Joe Straus (who killed the Texas Privacy Act) donated money to Villalba’s campaign.

• Texas Values Action endorsed Sen. Bob Hall who defeated challenger Cindy Burkett, 53-47 percent. Burkett was a Texas House member noted for her close support and connection to Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. Hall is well-known leader on faith and family issues and a vocal supporter of religious freedom and protecting privacy, including the filing of his own legislation related to the privacy issue.

• Texas Values Action endorsed Angela Paxton who prevailed in an open Texas Senate seat against Phillip Huffines, 54-46 percent. Paxton is a known pro-family conservative leader in Texas.

• Texas Values Action-endorsed candidate Jonathan Boos prevailed outright in the Texas House seat vacated by Cindy Burkett.

• The current Texas House seat held by outgoing Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, is going to a run-off with – Texas Values Action-endorsed candidate Matt Beebe as the top-vote getter.

• Texas Values Action endorsed candidate Thomas McNutt is headed to a run-off in the House seat vacated by Byron Cook. Byron Cook killed the Texas Privacy Act in the House.

• Every candidate endorsed by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (a noted champion of religious freedom, life and protecting privacy) in a contested election won their race (Bob Hall, Angela Paxton, Joan Huffman, Donna Campbell, and Pat Fallon).

• Pro-privacy Ballot Proposition No. 6 won with more than 90 percent in favor of protecting privacy in bathrooms, showers, and lockers in public schools and other government buildings. The privacy protection proposition received more votes (1,385,309) on the GOP primary ballot than the “Repeal Obamacare” proposition (No. 9).

“Last night proves that by and large candidates and voters who stand by Texas values win,” said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values Action. “Congratulations to all of our endorsed candidates on some hard-fought races – all of which show the importance of faith and family in Texas.”

About Texas Values Action

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