Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Houston Mayor Again: People To Vote On LGBT Ordinance In November

August 19, 2015

vote sign_United_States (620-240)Austin, TX, August, 19 2015 – Today, the Texas Supreme Court has again ruled against Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s administration related to Houston’s so-called “equal rights” ordinance. The state’s high court ruled that the “The City Council must comply with its own laws regarding the handling of a referendum petition and any resulting election,” and must “word the proposition such that voters will vote directly for or against the ordinance.” The Council, under Mayor Parker’s guidance, had initially approved confusing ballot language that would have forced opponents of the controversial ordinance to vote “yes” to repeal the ordinance, which was in violation of the Houston City Charter.

Plaintiff Jared Woodfill, a Texas Values Action board member, told the Houston Chronicle after the ruling that the original ballot language was “all about deception and trickery…It’s sad we’ve had to go to the Supreme Court twice. It shows how vested the mayor is in this issue that she has broken the law twice.”

Jonathan Saenz, Texas Values Action president, released the following statement on the ruling:

“Today’s ruling against Mayor Parker is another victory for the people of Houston and for the rule of law and brings Houston one step closer to defeating this dangerous ordinance at the ballot in November. Mayor Parker and the LGBT machine have been engaged in a yearlong intimidation campaign to prevent the people of Houston from having their say on this destructive ordinance. For the second time in less than a month, the Texas Supreme Court has been forced to stop the out-of-control and unlawful actions of Mayor Parker. The people of Houston will now finally have their right to a simple up or down vote on this dangerous and deceptive ordinance in November.”

On July 24, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the Houston City Council must stop enforcement of the controversial anti-religious freedom LGBT ordinance, and that City must either repeal the ordinance or place it on the ballot for vote by the people for the November 2015 election. The City then chose to have the ordinance voted on by the people on the local November 2015 ballot. Opponents of the ordinance, which allows men to go into women’s restrooms, forces business owners to violate their religious convictions, and increases government interference in the private sector, had submitted more than enough signatures to put the ordinance to a referendum in 2014 as certified by the city secretary, but Mayor Parker and the City Attorney had refused to recognize the signatures and allow the people of Houston the right to vote.

Texas Values Action has been one of the main organizations that fought to defeat the anti-religious freedom LGBT ordinance, generating over 100,000 email messages to the Houston City Council in opposition to the ordinance. Texas Values Action also testified against the ordinance several times in Houston and provided support on the ground for Houston residents, business owners, and church leaders who have been ignored by city leaders including Mayor Parker.

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