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July 12, 2022

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 Department of Ed Proposes Title IX Rule to Include Biological Males in Women’s Sports

Austin, TX – July 12, 2022 — Today the US Department of Education released a proposed revision to Title IX guidelines, ignoring science and depriving women of equal opportunities in athletics by allowing males to compete in female sports.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Senior Policy Advisor for Texas values released the following statement:

The Biden Administration has launched yet another attack on women and girls by obliterating the hard-fought legal protections of Title IX that grant women and girls equal opportunities in both sports and education. This new proposed rule will erase women’s athletic opportunities by allowing men to compete in women’s sports, force students and teachers to accept preferred pronouns and identities, and eventually set women back 50 years as their biological sex is no longer distinguished in law. Students and parents must speak out against this grave injustice that President Biden is proposing in the new Title IX rule change that redefines sex.

Our girls and women have worked hard for their many accomplishments, and this action destroys the level playing field. Texas Values stands to #SaveWomensSports. The public is invited to provide comments for this proposed language change here.



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