ALERT: Religious Freedom Bill Needs Floor Vote as Deadline Nears

May 18, 2023
Topic: Legislature

A crucial deadline looms next week and Texas Values Action priority bill SB 559 by Sen. Hughes and House Sponsor Rep. Cain to protect the sincerely held religious beliefs of Christian attorneys and legal professionals has yet to be given a floor vote in the Texas House!

SB 559 would codify protections for attorneys against implementation of broad and vague speech code by the American Bar Association (ABA) that could do immense harm at the expense of our legal professionals.  This bill needs to be set for a floor vote by Monday, May 22nd in order to have a realistic chance of passing.

We are asking supporters to reach out by phone or email and encourage the Texas House Calendars Committee members to set SB 559 for a floor vote:

Rep. Dustin Burrows: 512-463-0542Rep. Toni Rose: 512-463-0664Rep. David Cook: 512-463-0374Rep. Charlie Geren: 512-463-0610Rep. Cole Hefner: 512-463-0271Rep. Ana Hernandez: 512-463-0614Rep. Ann Johnson: 512-463-0006Rep. Jared Patterson: 512-463-0694Rep. Shelby Slawson: 512-463-0628Rep. James Talarico: 512-463-0821Rep. Ed Thompson: 512-463-0707

In addition to SB 559, there are several other bills coming up against hard deadlines that your legislators need to hear from you on:

Senate Bill (SB) 24 – A pro-life bill that codifies the Alternatives to Abortion program that serves mothers and babies in need, is on the Texas House Major State Calendar tomorrow! This bill will make sure that Texas can continue to serve the preborn and offer life-affirming care, services, and options to mothers in the state of Texas post-Roe. Please tell your legislator to support SB 24!

Senate Bill (SB) 163 – Makes parental opt-in to human sexuality curriculum permanent. Currently, parental opt-in expires in August 2024. Currently, this bill is out of the House committee and almost to the Texas House Calendars Committee. We need a floor vote soon!

Senate Bill (SB) 1515 – Would require Texas public schools to display a copy of the Ten Commandments in each classroom as a fundamental foundation of American and Texas law. Currently out of House committee and almost to Texas House Calendars Committee.  Needs a floor vote soon!

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