ALERT: Senate Privacy Bill will be heard in Committee Friday, July 21

July 20, 2017

The new Senate Privacy Bill will be heard in Committee tomorrow!

Sen. Lois Kolkhorst has filed legislation in the Special Session to protect the privacy of Texans in restrooms, shower, and changing areas. SB 3, the new Senate version of the Texas Privacy Act, will be heard in the Senate State Affairs Committee on Friday, July 21 at 9 AM. The public hearing will take place at the Texas Capitol in room E1.036 (in the underground capitol extension).

We need as many people to come to the Capitol on Friday as possible! We cannot emphasize enough the importance of attendance at this committee hearing – we need to hear from women, students, business leaders, athletes, parents, pastors, taxpayers – anyone willing to testify and/or willing to sign in showing their support publicly for the bill in the hearing record. Our team will be at the Capitol tomorrow to help you with this process, and we will have Protect Privacy signs to hand out.

Please sign our form here to let us know if you can make it to the Capitol to attend tomorrow’s hearing.

The radical Left and LGBT lobby will certainly be out in full force again. We must let our state leaders hear loudly from Texans across that state that we support common sense legislation to keep men out of women’s intimate facilities.

SB 3 will help stop the LGBT lobby’s radical agenda that would endanger our children at school and force every private business in Texas to allow men into girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate facilities.

If we don’t pass strong privacy legislation, thousands of Texas school children will return to class this fall uncertain of how their schools will respond, and be subject to a patch work of policy by liberal pressure groups. And we will be forced to continue to fight this issue from city to city, from county to county, from school board to school board — resulting in thousands of time-consuming, costly, and repetitive conflicts.

We stand with all supporters of privacy legislation this session and expect both chambers to respond to the majority of Texans by sending a bill to the Governor Abbott’s desk as soon as possible


1. Come to the Texas Capitol on Friday to attend the hearing at 9 AM (even if you do not plan on testifying)! The hearing will be in room E1.036. Registration for testimony begins at 8 AM and ends at Noon. Please make plans to arrive early, by 7:30 AM. Feel free to call our office at 512-478-2220 if you have any questions on this process. Please sign our form here to let us know if you can attend.

2. Continue to contact your State Representative and Senator and ask him/her to PROTECT PRIVACY in state law. Please also call the capitol switchboard number at 512-463-4630 and ask to be connected directly to your Senate or House member’s office.

3. If you are a business leader and haven’t already added your name to our growing list of community leaders who support privacy and dignity for all Texans, sign your name to publicly declare your support for the Texas Privacy Act.

4. Visit to view fact sheets, testimonial videos, and additional resources about why Texas must take the lead in protecting privacy

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