Carrollton City Council Votes On #BanTheBible Ordinance

February 6, 2019

Carrollton City Council voted 5-2 this evening to adopt a “sexual orientation and gender identity” ordinance that would effectively ban belief in the Bible in areas related to city appointments, employment, or contracting. The vote was taken before hearing public testimony in a shocking disregard to local citizens participating in their Constitutional rights.

Hiding under the disguise of nondiscrimination protections based on “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI), this ordinance could create dangerous government power to ban free expression of biblical beliefs, especially its teaching on marriage and sexuality. The Dallas Morning News has reported that “LGBT advocates are pushing Carrollton officials” for an even “broader” law that would punish people of faith more severely.

These special protections could attack the right of Carrollton citizens to live out their faith according to their biblical beliefs and conscience. This is bad policy and completely unnecessary.

Nicole Hudgens, Senior Policy Analyst for Texas Values Action said “The council today sent a clear message to people of faith who work for and contract with the City of Carrollton. Their views are no longer welcome.”

In response to an Action Alert by Texas Values Action, residents of Carrollton sent over 1,500 messages to the City Council opposing this ordinance. Texas Values Action team members Nicole Hudgens and Mary Elizabeth Castle went to the meeting and testified.

Council Members that opposed the #BanTheBible ordinance:
Mike Hennefer- Place 2
Glen Blanscet- Place 5

Council Members that supported #BanTheBible the ordinance:
Steve Babick, Place 1
Pat Cochran, Place 3
Frances Cruz, Place 4
Young Sung, Place 6
John Sutter, Place 7

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