Convention Center execs seek to ‘welcome’ men into the girls’ room

January 11, 2017

Legislature must act to ensure restrooms remain safe for all

Austin, TX – An inhospitable environment in our restrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas is what Texas may end up with if the Legislature does not act this session to protect privacy.

Unfortunately, a coalition of big city convention center executives is attempting to block such legislative efforts, promoting the dubious slogan “Texas Welcomes All.”

“Let’s be clear about what kind of welcome is being offered here: These groups all support allowing men into women’s restrooms,” said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values Action. “We stand with a steadily growing majority of Texans by calling for legislative action for protecting our right to privacy against special interests.”

Houston convention center reps were notably absent at a press conference held by the anti-privacy coalition this afternoon. The reason for the absence, according to organizers, was Houston is preparing to host the Super Bowl. Saenz noted that the NFL refused to move the game away from Houston after Houston voters decided to keep men out of women’s bathrooms (this is exactly what the Texas Privacy Act, SB 6, seeks to do on a statewide level).

Texas Values Action is a leading statewide organization fighting to maintain privacy and safety in our restrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas.

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