Dallas Republican Primary Challenger Ryan Raises $270,000 Against Villalba

January 9, 2018

The Republican primary challenger to embattled incumbent Rep. Jason Villalba is one month into her campaign and has come on strong out of the gate.

Not only does Lisa Luby Ryan come with an impressive resume as a successful business woman, is a local values leader, and has the endorsement of Texas Values Action, she has the financial backing necessary to beat the incumbent, who has a low 48 percent on the Faith & Family Scorecard (

Ryan boasts a war chest of $270,000 in contributions from around 270 donors, according to her most recent campaign filing, a figure which includes $50,000 of her own funding. By contrast, Villalba’s most recent report shows around $30,000 cash on hand.

Fully 80 percent of Lisa Luby Ryan’s individual contributions came from donors within Dallas County. House District 114 is situated in north Dallas.

According to a press release from the Ryan campaign, Villalba’s previous primary challenger in 2016 earned just under 45 percent of the vote with a total campaign budget of less than $125,000. Quite a different scene this time as Lisa Luby Ryan has double the amount of that last challenger, in just one month.

“It’s no surprise that Rep. Villalba has a primary opponent — from 66 percent on the Faith & Family Scorecard in 2015 Villalba dropped even lower in 2017 and scored 48 percent,” said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values Action. “We strongly endorse Lisa Luby Ryan for Texas House District 114 to better represent Dallas and Texas values in the Legislature.”

For more on how Rep. Villalba voted against faith, family and freedom for Dallas, see our 85th Legislature summary at

Lisa Luby Ryan is endorsed by Texas Values Action. For more information on the campaign visit

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