Houston LGBT Ordinance Stopped, Vote Delayed For Two Weeks

May 14, 2014

Houston, TX, May 14, 2014 – Today, the Houston City Council voted 12-5 to delay the vote on Mayor Annise Parker’s proposed wide-reaching LGBT ordinance for two weeks. The vote to delay, which is the second time the council has delayed a final vote, comes after yesterday’s large press conference and rally at City Hall that saw a diverse group of Houston leaders, pastors, and state leaders, surrounded by hundreds of supporters, unite in opposition to the anti-religious freedom LGBT ordinance. It was expected that the Council would approve the measure today.

Concerns continue to grow about public safety as the ordinance will now more broadly allow men to enter women’s restrooms. Other concerns continue to be raised about the impact the ordinance could potentially have on religious organizations and churches and the wide-reaching impact on private business owners. Mayor Parker admitted today that the ordinance still applies to bathrooms. The media yesterday erroneously reported the opposite.

In response to the second delay, Texas Values Action president and attorney Jonathan Saenz released the following statement:

“Today’s decision to again delay the final vote is another rejection of Mayor’s Parker attempt to ram this dangerous and unnecessary ordinance through without proper scrutiny. As evidenced by the hundreds of Houstonians rallying at City Hall yesterday, the opposition to this proposal only continues to grow and will only increase as times goes on. The people of Houston are rejecting this attempt to use executive power to force private citizens to violate their religious beliefs and put themselves and their children at risk. It’s time for the Council to vote this proposal down for good.”

As it became clear that the ordinance would not pass today, lesbian Mayor Parker expressed the true reasons for pushing this LGBT ordinance when she said: “this is about me.”

Nearly 65,000 email messages in opposition to the ordinance have already been sent to the Council members. Texas Values Action president Jonathan Saenz testified against the ordinance at the hearing yesterday and will be in Houston today and available to comment on the proposed ordinance.

View a video clip from yesterday’s press conference here.

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