Support Pro-Family Amendments to Texas Budget

March 31, 2015
Topic: Legislature

Today, the Texas House is considering the Texas State Budget (HB 1).

We support the following amendments to HB 1 (Texas Budget Bill)

Page 79 By Rep. Jeff Leach: prohibits abortion providers or their affiliates from providing sex education classes or curriculum.

Page 151 By Rep. Drew Springer: Texas school districts that violate the Texas Constitution will have state tax dollars withheld; districts have 60 days to correct the violation.


We oppose the following amendments to HB 1 (Texas Budget Bill)

Page 78 by Rep. Mary Gonzalez: violates parental rights by lowering the age of consent for obtaining drug-based birth control to 15.

Page 155 By Rep. Garnet Coleman: for the first time in state law, recognizes “gender identity or expression” as a protected class or group, for purposes of collecting information in public school on discrimination and harassment for students that claim to be LGBT or have same-sex attraction.

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