Testifiers against Ban the Bible Bill HB517 Shut Out of Committee Hearing

May 2, 2019

Austin – The Public Health Committee in the Texas House tonight heard hand-picked testimony on HB 517, a Texas Values Action labeled Ban the Bible bill. This bill would ban Christian counseling on human sexuality issues. During the only time for the public to provide input to their elected officials on these important issues, Chairwoman Thompson limited testimony to 4 individuals for each side. Many other people, including Kevin Whitt and Tamika Sanders were in the room and had traveled for hours or waited all day to testify against this bill.

Nicole Hudgens, Senior Policy Analyst for Texas Values Action said “This bill targets people of faith, punishes Christian counselors, and prohibits clients from getting the counseling they desire. It’s sad the committee was not able to hear from many Texans tonight who were prepared to testify. The voices of Texans who oppose this bill will not be silenced.”

Over 70,000 messages have been sent through Texas Values Action system in opposition to a collection of bills that seek to Ban the Bible. Hiding under the disguise of “sexual orientation and gender identity” these bills, would create new government power and protections which ban the free expression of Biblical beliefs – especially it’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. Numerous bills, including HB 517, seek to ban religious beliefs and force people of faith to conform to the personal and political activities of others. Those who do not comply will face fines, possible jail time, or other criminal charges.

Texas Values hosted a Facebook Live right after the closed testimony with many activists who were ready to testify. You can watch it below:

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