Texas Values Action Endorses Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

November 23, 2021

Texas Values Action Endorses Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

Austin, Texas— Texas Values Action is proud to announce its endorsement for re-election for Lt. Governor Dan Patrick,  who has announced his re-election run in the upcoming 2022 Lieutenant Governor’s race. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has consistently led efforts in the Texas Senate to ensure the protection of religious liberty, marriage and family, and innocent human life. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has consistently voted in favor of Texas’ best interest by upholding Texas values in this great state in the areas of family, family and freedom (during his time as a Texas Senator). The Texas Senate has passed a pro-life and religious freedom bill during every legislative session while Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has been serving in this position since 2014. Most recently, Lt. Gov. Patrick led efforts for the passage of the Texas Heartbeat law, the Freedom to Worship Act, constitutional protections for church freedom, the Save Women’s Sports law, and election integrity.

It is our great honor at Texas Values Action to endorse Lt. Gov Dan Patrick in the 2022 Lt. Governor election.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values Action, released the following statement:

“Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has been one of the strongest leaders and voices ever for Texas on the issues of faith, family, freedom and the protection of innocent human life; and that’s why Texas Values Action is endorsing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for re-election. When it matters most for Texas and Texans, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick shows up and gets the job done,” said Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values Action.” 

Texas Values Action is in the process of vetting more candidates across the state. If a candidate is interested in receiving an endorsement from Texas Values Action, we encourage them to submit a questionnaire found on our website.


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