Texas Values Action Testifies in Support of Born Alive Infant Protection Act

March 25, 2019

Austin, Texas – Texas Values Action along with numerous survivors of abortion, testified in support of HB16, The Born Alive Infant Protection Act, today at the Texas Capitol. Sending a strong message that Texas will set the standard on protecting life after Democrats on the Committee  failed to even show up to the hearing.

Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor who testified in support of the bill, said “I am so excited to stand with the people of Texas to defend children like myself born after a failed abortion. It is my honor to speak for them and defend them with the heart of a mother.”

Nicole Hudgens, Senior Policy Analyst for Texas Values Action also testified in support of the bill and said “The Born Alive Infant Protection Act ensures that children who survive abortions will receive lifesaving care—care that every child deserves. Today we are a voice for the children who haven’t received that care in other states and we will ensure Texas leads the way on this issue.”

Watch our press conference in Support of the Texas Born Alive Infant Protect Act:


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