Election Victories: Texas Voters Send A Pro-Life & Pro-Religious Freedom Message

November 4, 2020
Topic: Elections

While votes in the Presidential election are still being counted in several states across the country, one thing is clear in Texas – pro-abortion and pro-LGBT Democrats failed to turn Texas blue. The heavily predicted blue wave in Texas hit a red, pro-life wall!

President Donald Trump won Texas, as did every statewide Republican on the ballot, including multiple Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals seats and U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

Notably, despite unprecedented spending by out-of-state Leftists to take control of the Texas House, it looks very likely that Republicans will hold onto their 83-67 majority in the Texas House. Key to holding the Texas House, were strong victories by numerous Texas Values Action endorsed candidates in hotly contested races:

  • In Harris County, Texas Values Action endorsed Mike Schofield defeated pro-abortion Democrat incumbent Gina Calanni, and will be returning to the Texas House. Mike Schofield was recognized as a Faith & Family Champion for his voting record in the 2017 session.
  • In another key Harris County race to replace retiring Rep. Dwayne Bohac, Texas Values Action endorsed Republican Lacey Hull won a race that Democrats targeted to flip blue.
  • In Collin County, Texas Values Action endorsed Rep. Matt Shaheen and Rep. Jeff Leach both won re-election and defeated radical pro-abortion and pro-LGBT Democrats in hotly contested races.
  • And in Tarrant County, Texas Values Action endorsed Republican Jeff Cason won a big victory in an important race to replace retiring Faith & Family Champion Jonathan Stickland.

Of note, the only Republican incumbent that looks to have lost is Sarah Davis, who is well-known for her anti-life and anti-religious freedom voting record. This was an another reminder from voters that pro-abortion and pro-LGBT candidates have no place in the Republican Party of Texas.

Another huge victory for life and religious freedom was Texas Values Action endorsed Congressman Chip Roy defeating Texas’ most well-known pro-abortion radical, Wendy Davis. In what was likely Texas’ most watched Congressional race, Wendy Davis showed once again that out-of-state money can’t buy a race in Texas when you have an extreme pro-abortion record.

Also of note, despite massive spending in multiple Congressional races, Democrats failed to flip a single Congressional district in Texas.

After last night, Republicans will enter the coming 2021 Texas Legislative Session with strong control of both the Texas House and Senate. With clear pro-life and pro-religious freedom momentum on our side, Texas Values Action will be leading the charge to enact meaningful laws to protect life, religious freedom, and more in the coming session.

Thank you for your engagement with us this election season, for getting out to vote, and for your generous financial support that allowed us to significantly increase our impact this election. Your continued financial support and advocacy will be key to success in the 2021 session starting in January.

Please also join us in prayer for our state, our nation, and for all our elected leaders.

Click here to view full election results from Texas.

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